Brix Medium Dark - Chocolate para Vinho


Chocolate and wine are an amazing duo: They bring out the best in each other. The natural tannins in the cocoa prime the palate for the tannins in the wine, allowing the other flavors in the wine to shine. Maximize your tasting experience using the guide below:
1. Prepare
The chocolate should be served at room temperature, and the wine at the temperature recommended for the varietal. Cleanse your palate with tepid water or a bland cracker.
2. Taste the wine
Swirl the wine around to coat the side of the glass and release the aromas. Put your nose close to the glass. What scents do you detect? Now sip the wine, swirl in your mouth, and notice the various flavors. Is it fruity or dry? Acidic or flat? What notes are evident? When you’re done, cleanse your palate.
3. Savor the Chocolate
Break off a bite-sized piece of Brix chocolate. Take in the aroma, identify the smells (berry, spice, etc.) and look at its rich color. Place the chocolate in your mouth and let slowly dissolve. What flavors do you detect? How would you describe the texture?
4. Now, the wine again
Swirl the wine in your mouth so it blends with the chocolate. How have the flavors of the wine and chocolate changed? Are any of the notes in the wine more evident?
5. Repeat!
Cleanse the palate between tastings.
Having a tasting party?
Be sure to serve all four Brix Chocolate varieties with at least four different wines from the suggested pairings located on the Brix package. Have small notepads that list the wine variety and the Brix variety, and allow guests to jot down their thoughts before sharing out loud. Taste in order from the lightest wines through the most robust. And most importantly, have fun!

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